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Re: Chat Thread ~ Feb 3rd - 9th

Originally Posted by rverrone11 View Post
I'm definitely going to ask about the due date. The first ultrasound (at 12 weeks at a different OB) had the baby measure exactly on with my LMP due date.

How do you know that Isaac was definitely overdue? With DD1 (11 days overdue), my midwife said she did not look like an overdue baby and said that maybe my dates were off, which I knew the exact date of ovulation, and even implantation...I felt it. I took an EPT at 7 days post ovulation, so I knew my due date couldn't have been much later.

With DD2, I wasn't sure. She didn't look overdue and the placenta looked fine I think. But the sac was in shreds. My midwife was trying to piece it together to make sure it all came out, but it was nearly impossible for her to do. There actually was a tiny bit of it left in me, and it came out when we were in Yosemite 2 weeks after baby was born...not fun when you have to take care of lots of bleeding in a national park outhouse, and I was out of pads.
They say that earlier u/s are more accurate.
I disagree with my early one with Isaac only because of that SCH - if it can cause slow growth with baby I think that caused some discrepancy with dates. I would have been okay with assuming the middle of the month was fine, but a whole extra week wasn't right.
For starters the ped said he was overdue, so did my mom (a nurse herself). He had very little vernix, his skin was dry and peely at birth, and his feet were all ready wrinkly.

That's really scary, and crappy, about the sac with your DS2 - can't imagine having to deal with that while camping! You lucked out, though, with no infections or issues from it.

Originally Posted by mibarra View Post
I stalked the giraffe print. Absolutely love it. I also got the 2 new prints, elephants and monsters, and a few others. They are HARD to get off FSOT...
I like elephants, butterflies, swirls, tweet, stars, baby blooms - if I end up finding the $$ to get them I'll just buy new, I don't wanna hunt on FSOT, besides, the price would likely be comparable.
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