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Re: Please help with my 5-yr-old before I lose my mind

This is the age my kids start spending a lot of time in their rooms for a couple of weeks until they figure out I mean business. I get on their level, make them look me in the eye, I explain why their behavior is not acceptable, and let them know that if they cannot treat other people with respect, then they will go to their room until they are ready to. We will still have issues on occasion, but for the most part, after a week or two, they do better.

Also, part of it has to do with how you parent. I have a tendency to yell, though I have improved through my years as a parent, and DH definitely tends to yell, so our kids tend to yell at each other. I have to make sure I get my down time in order to keep my cool. I take deep breaths, and sometimes I lose it, and then have to go back and talk to my kids about how it wasn't cool that I lost it and possibly apologize.
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