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Re: Why are yeast infections so common?

DS only gets them on antibiotics, which has been twice, both due to ear infections because his eustacian tube in his right ear is underdeveloped (as were mine and my brothers when we were kids). DD had them more often, but we now know that she had a compromised immune system, she had a bacterial form of tuberculosis, so she was so busy fighting that off she had no good defense against the yeast.

Both eat a healthy diet, eat yogurt every day, and take probiotics when on medications. When they are 100% healthy, they don't get them.

I think you hear about them a lot here because the diapers need to be disinfected, and it's a lot of work. I love cloth diapers, I have used them for years, but the day I suspect maybe yeast is coming, everything gets bleach and I use disposables, it's just easiest for me that way.
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