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Re: What was the thriftiest decision or change your family made?

I would say not getting stung by bank fees anymore. Even just a year ago we were in a stupid situation where we would let our account get overdrawn because there weren't enough funds in it and a direct debit would come out and we would get charged $35. It happened a lot over several accounts so if I added up all the money we paid in fees it would be a lot and we certainly couldn't afford it. One day I just realised how crazy it was and closed several accounts, now we only have 2 and we never let them get so low that they are overdrawn. We switched to a different bank that only charges $9 if it did happen.

Paying off the credit card.

Shopping used for everything.

eta how could I forget Cable - that one is huge we were paying anything from $60 minimum up to $150 at one point per month - what were we thinking!!!
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