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Re: Off grid

We don't have anything that is completely off. We do have a water catch system used for no rain periods in our garden.We have a well for tap water but use electric to pump. We do have a hand pump for emergencies. For the catch we have these 265 gallon cheese bins. I have no idea what they are called. They are food grade and used to catch a by product of cheese making. The FDA only allows commercial companies to use them once in cheese making. DH got them off craig's list for $50. We have 2 and we're suppose to get another when the guy finishes with his last one. One is actually kept in our garage with purified tap water for emergencies. The other dh made the collection piping and put a sprocket on the bottom. We just hook a hose up and let gravity take over. You can't run a sprinkler on it, but it works really well with soaker hoses.

We have solar panels for a few things outside- electric fence and whether station being the main ones. We live in the woods so solar is a bit tricky. There are very few places we can use them. Dh rigged a solar panel to our enloop battery charger (you can buy one but he was an electrician and likes to tinker) so we never have to buy batteries again.

We have been looking at tank less Water heaters for years. But we recently decided that we want more property so we are holding off until we build our next house in a couple of years. Yay BUILD! Now that will be the mother load. We will have a cistern system- this is dh's area so no idea on the details. Also have planned a for real wood cooking stove with oven (of course we are still going to have our regular gas/electric). This is dh's area again so I don't know the specifics but he whole house intake? blower for fire place heat. He looked into it for our current house and to add what we need it would cost him about $500 then we could use our fireplace to heat- important because our township does not allow wood burners.

I want to go full out solar but dh is a shtf person and feels that solar (or wind- we could probably have 90% of our regular use covered by the 2) would make us a target. Wind ok, which would also be the most useful since we have more wind then sun, but solar- no one would know unless they came to our house.

Anyway, we want to be completely off grid and are making slow steps to get there.
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