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Originally Posted by Nanner99
I saw something that said something like "When the 1st kid eats dirt, you call the doctor. When the 2nd kid eats dirt, you wash him off. When the 3rd kid eats dirt, you think 'oh good now I don't have to feed him lunch'".

I would add "When the 4th kid eats dirt, you don't notice because you are too busy with the other 3".
LOVE this! This thread is so true. I'll be having my 6th in just a few months.

Makes me think of this time when I was changing my 4th, who was about 5 mths old and not even sitting up on her own,on the coach while talking to my best friend. When I got done changing her I picked her up and set her feet down on the floor ( thinking... Ok all done, go run and play!) I caught myself before letting go, and pulled her onto my lap. My best friend was like " we're you about to set her down like she was gonna run off somewhere?" We both started laughing until we cried!

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