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Yeah.....welcolme to the people are gonna make stupid comments at you all the time club! I'm pregnant with my 6th and we haven't told many people,and not even my MIL because we just don't feel like hearing the comments. I have 5 girls,so you can only imagine the no. 1 comment...... I usually respond,(with a really straight face) I'm actually allergic to male fetuses) They just look at me like I'm nuts. Sometimes I have clever replies, sometimes I just smile,and sometimes I completely ignore them. Just depends on my mood. As people said.... 2 kids and a dog is sufficient now, the majority of people don't understand why "in this day and age" anyone would actually want the "financial and mental stress" of more. Priorities have changed so much. It use to be family, being a good mom and wife, and satisfied with having most of what you needed. Now it's giving those one or two kids everything you didn't have, that new car every 5 years, and paying for that 200 channel cable package.

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