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Originally Posted by slimy72 View Post

I would pay off the smaller ones and free up the money.

AFM, groceries are killing us. I didn't even buy anything crazy. I did buy about 40 pork chops for freezer meals. But that was only $30 of the bill-they were on a great sale for boneless chops. And I made 9 freezer meals out of them. So now I have basil/balsamic pork chops, citrus pork chops, Honey Garlic pork chops, Bourbon street pork chops, and Schwenkabraten all in the freezer. I need to start stocking the freezer before my surgery next month. I was pretty impressed though because I had ALL of the other ingredients in the house and I literally only had to buy the pork to do 9 meals. IDK, it just seems like groceries have gone up so much I can't stay on budget. I've only got about $70 left in my envie for the whole month and we have 2/3 of the month left. Other than that I really only bought produce and milk/eggs. My bill was $100. Then we've all been sick and we ran out of decongestant and cough meds. Getting meds for all of us ran $60. We're feeling some better today but we're all still tired.
If your constantly struggling I would up the budget. We finally had to. I was tired of feeling like we are constantly failing. When reality was I just needed a bigger budget . Hugs

We are struggling with savings. We are trying to pay off mortgage and save but emergencies keep popping up. Driving 9 hours round drip every weekend to see my mom in cleveland has more than tripled our gas budget and out to eat budget. Medical bills are up due to sickness and surgeries. Our medical budget for the year is hurting because it's knew and we didn't have but a, few thousand left over.
I thought paying off the debt would make life easier but man I feel more stress when I have to touch the savings than ever.
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