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I agree that the cc should come first.. Smaller debts first... Maybe you could lay out month by month how it will help for your DH?

Got the word from TurboTax our refund will be sent over to the IRS on Feb 14th. DH and I sat down and discussed his dying want for data and a smartphone. We are going to switch to Ting mobile prepaid from Verizon. The deal is no datausage for the first 4 months to recoup theVerizon termination fee. After that we will be paying equal to or less than verizon current bill. Heis using his $200 spending blow money from theta return for a smartphone. I am going to use a Sprint phone I got in a trade... My spending blow money is going to a Kindle Fire HD 7 and a keyboard folio for it. I am so excited! We will also be funding the bet, our sinking funds for the year and putting $1k to our car principal. After this month we have the car note andmy student loans ( which are in deferment till 2015) left debt wise!!

I am getting a homebuyers want right now (we have always rented). I need to read on DR to see the cash for mortagage vs. Downpayment % vs. 15 year mortgage.
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