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When I started CDing, I kept using disposable wipes for a time. Then it became obvious that I was creating more work for myself, wasting several dollars a week, not to mention adding stinky trash to our garbage cans. Once baby's not EBF any longer, their poo obviously turns quite stinky. Just a couple of poopy wipes sitting in the nursery trash can really add a nasty smell, so I was constantly having to change the nearly empty trash bag all on a count of a few wipes.

I "splurged" with my last son and bought 2 doz nice wipes in boy prints from Little Boppers. She always has them stocked and has free shipping on her website. She uses really cute prints of cotton knit, velour, bamboo and flannel. It makes diaper changes even more fun cause I get to pick which wipe to use. (Yeah, it doesn't take much for me!) They have held up beautifully and surprisingly have never gotten stained.

My favorite spray is called "California Baby Diaper Area Wash" or something like that. The spray bottle is very high quality and one lasts me many months. When it gets half empty, I fill it up with distilled water to make it last longer. The spray top can twist to lock closed. I have never had a leak with this brand and have been using it for nearly 3 years. I spray directly onto baby's bottom, then wipe with the cloth. When they're newborns, the spray takes them by surprise, but my LO never cried at it, just startled until he got used to it.

Oh, and there's a true sense of accomplishment and satisfaction when you can push your shopping cart right on past the diaper and wipes aisle at the store everyday single time. Love that!
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