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Re: Surprise yourself?

I've at least partially CD'ed 3 kids (my 3rd just PLed) and I'm currently prepping a stash for my 4th and likely last.

The CD world is a lot different now than when I started. With my first, sized FB were the latest and greatest and most CD mamas used PF or fitteds with covers.

With my second, I caught the wool madness and nearly drove myself crazy with a very elaborate and complicated stash. I ended up ditching it all for a stash of nothing but BG 2.0 seconds, and though I grew tired of stuffing pockets, I had a successful CD experience.

With my third, I had no desire to ever stuff a pocket again, and I bought a stash of BG Organics with aplix that were being discontinued and available for very reduced prices. I loved those dipes, but ended up with a baby with severe gastrointestinal issues, who would regularly poo more than 10x per day, and as a result, had a bum prone to severe rashes (multiple yeast rashes and a strep rash). We also switched to a HE Front Loader during this time, and I had trouble finding the right wash routine to get the dipes fully clean. After about 6 months, we discontinued CDing in favor of sposies, which really ended up being the best option for her.

After all that last time around I swore I wasn't going to mess with CDs again, yet here I am, inexplicably drawn to the fluff again. This time around, I'm planning a stash that is 1/2 BGE (snaps with detached soakers, bought as seconds) and 1/2 BG 4.0s (to have a stay-dry and easy poop removal option), with a few Flips on hand as back-up.

My biggest lessons/surprises all of this: I really like BG dipes, but their aplix is crap (hence all snaps this time). While I do best with fairly simple stash, it is a good idea to have a stash made up of more than one fabric (as much as I love organic cotton, sometimes stay-dry works best on tender bums). FL washers really can make cloth diaper laundry more difficult. And finally, I can have a stash I love, but if it doesn't work for my actual baby, it's not worth much.
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