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Is the "not big enough" thing just totally false? They suggested that was part of our problem as well and they said the same thing to my sister and her premie. Also, the short goals thing is really simple but good to keep in mind. That mindset has helped me with a lot of goals over the years.
Both my babies had TINY mouths, and I had DD engorged breasts. They really seemed to have trouble getting enough of my nipple in their mouths. DD1 was a preemie and started on bottles, I never got her to the breast, though I was able to pump for her 1st 4 months. DD2 I actually introduced the nipple shield after 2 weeks of being told my latch was fine, but having so much pain during nursing I would cry the whole time. You have to make sure it's the right size, and it's being used the right way or it won't work We weaned off it around 3 months, but in my case it saved my nursing relationship.

I would wait and see. This baby may latch on no issues, you just never know!! Good luck!
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