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Re: Lil Shamrocks - February chat (1 more month!)

Originally Posted by amb2j View Post
Yep, its supposed to soften the cervix, and from my understanding, the prostaglandins wont induce labor (which is what I make labor easier, but not induce it).

Had my 37 week clearance by the OB (at 36 weeks). My birth center requires every woman to get the OB's ok to deliver at the birth center once you reach full term. He said baby girl's head is down and she is in the optimal birthing position (THANKS SPINNING BABIES!!). He estimated her size (palpating my uterus) at 7.5lbs (minimum) which is concerning b/c Im only 36 weeks. Ive gained half the weight this time as I did with DS (almost 9lbs) but I guess I just make big babies lol! He is a nice enough guy, but definitely has a more medical perspective about birth (actually didnt understand the midwives' caution in doing cervical exams for me even though Ive shown early signs of labor. He implied that if I were to deliver now-even though Im not even 37 weeks-that would be "good b/c youd have a smaller, easier to deliver baby.")!! I definitely made the right decision for me to go with my midwives :-)

So, after I turn in my FMLA paperwork today (if I can stop procrastinating) I will be 100% ready to deliver :-)
What's spinning babies? Is that something you did to turn your little girl? Both my births started with my children in posterior positions. DD turned and her delivery was easy-DS did not and I delivered him completely posterior...OUCH and would like to avoid that from happening again. Did you do something to get her to go back out????
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