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Re: Share with me your best thrifty tip!

My thrifty tip is to PAY ATTENTION. Pay attention to what you are actually paying for, why you are paying for it, whether or not it's the best value or best deal...just pay attention.

When I worked at CVS, we woudl have people come in and buy like 5 individual bottles of coke for drinks for everyone in the car. Each one was $1.79. However, our 2 liters were 99c. Bag of ice was $1.25 and plastic cups were 99c. SO, they paid $8.95, when they could have gotten 2 two liters, a bag of ice and cups for less than half that price. That's the kind of paying attention I am talking about.

Pay attention to the brands you buy and why. Do you really buy Cascade for your dishwasher because it does the job? Or is it what you have always bought? Have you actually tried other brands to see what works? The reality is that MOST products available in the store generally work well enough because if they didn't, "natural selection" would weed them out-a dishwasher detergent that NEVER cleans the dishes isn't going to last long in today's economy. So trying it out usually isn't a waste, especially when you can get cheap trial sizes to try with.

Pay attention to your cash flow. The very act of paying attention to the money that comes in and the money that goes out helps everyone to be thrifty.
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