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help fix the issue before it becomes a problem

I was stuffing diapers last night and realized my hands felt softer, almost like I had touched coconut oil. I wasn't sure at first if my hands were already that way or if it was the diapers. So, I asked my husband to rub one of the insides of the diaper to see if it caused the same thing. Well, it did.

We don't use fabric softener on our diapers and haven't used it at all on any clothes at least 2 months before we started cloth diapering. So, I feel like that shouldn't be it. We do use coconut oil for protection one to two diapers a day for a couple days then nothing for about a week. We use all free and clear military as our detergent. I don't do a very exciting wash routine. Usually just hot/ cold rinse+ sanitation to insure the hot water gets hot since it is a he top loader with agitator. About one to two times a week I will run an additional cold/cold wash cycle no detergent. We have zero stink issues or staining so far.

Any suggestions?
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