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Re: New kitchen from scratch? Give me a list!

Oh wow this is hard for me. Our kitchen is far from minimal because we love to cook/bake/experiment, and we also can and brew. I don't mind because we use it all, but if we were rebuilding from scratch we'd have far less than we do now.

If had to rebuild from scratch and leaving out canning/brewing supplies, my list would be:

Enough plates, bowls, cups, mugs and silverware for your family and your average number of guests.
Wine glasses

Stove top:
Medium/small skillet
Large skillet
Sauce pot
Stock pot
Dutch Oven

Roasting pan
1 large casserole dish (size good for lasagna, bar cookies, and brownies)
1 or 2 small casserole dishes (I like 4x4)
2 cookie sheets
Muffin tin
2 bread pans
2 cake pans
Pizza stone (ours never leaves our oven)
Silpats or parchment paper
2 cooling racks

2 egg turners - 1 really thin flexible one for frying eggs, one thicker sturdier one for heavier items
2 silicone spatulas
Chef knife
Paring knife
Carving knife (we also use ours for bread)
Vegetable peeler
3 wood/bamboo spoons

Dry goods measuring cups
Wet goods measuring cups (a 2 cup one)
Measuring spoons
1 set of the thin plastic cutting boards
Enough flour sack towels to last between your laundry days
Electric mixer
Crock pot
Coffee pot
Mixing bowls
Food storage containers for left overs
Can opener
Bottle opener
Cork screw
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