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Re: Why are yeast infections so common?

Originally Posted by RockinLou View Post

I think you hear about them a lot here because the diapers need to be disinfected, and it's a lot of work. I love cloth diapers, I have used them for years, but the day I suspect maybe yeast is coming, everything gets bleach and I use disposables, it's just easiest for me that way.
I have been cloth diapering for most of 22 years. I never,ever disinfected my diapers. My only child who got yeast was just sickly to begin with (the only time he got antibiotics was on the 2 occasions that he almost died, but he already had horrible thrush when he took them, no yeast was caused from them). I don't bleach my diapers, I generally only use eco laundry detergent. I have never thought of cloth diapering as being a lot of work. Maybe we are just lucky,though!
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