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Cleaning diapers

I am new to cloth, I don't have any diapers yet but am going to try prefolds and pockets. I am going to get a diaper sprayer and one of those potty pails, and a wet bag . I am not sure though on a few things on how to clean the diapers. First, do I spray both pee and poop diapers? Do they need to be sprayed soon after being soiled or later like that night, or even on wash day? I am planning on washing every two to three days. The other thing is, if I do spray off the diapers before washing, do I just put them in the wet bag or do they need to be wrung out/ dried before putting in bag? I am concerned about these wet diapers sitting for couple days getting moldy. We live in a humid climate and I even have to make sure used towels are completely dry before putting in clothes basket bc I have found mold in fibers after them sitting for five days. Thanks for feed back, I am really excited to get started and want to be successful!
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