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Re: Dave Ramsey Support Thread ~ Feb 4 - Feb 10

Originally Posted by ulawolf View Post
If your constantly struggling I would up the budget. We finally had to. I was tired of feeling like we are constantly failing. When reality was I just needed a bigger budget . Hugs

We are struggling with savings. We are trying to pay off mortgage and save but emergencies keep popping up. Driving 9 hours round drip every weekend to see my mom in cleveland has more than tripled our gas budget and out to eat budget. Medical bills are up due to sickness and surgeries. Our medical budget for the year is hurting because it's knew and we didn't have but a, few thousand left over.
I thought paying off the debt would make life easier but man I feel more stress when I have to touch the savings than ever.
We majorly upped the budget when dh went gluten free, and I started trying to loose weight, which was about the same time we became debt free and finished the EF. We had decided that since we are back in debt again it needed to be cut again. We used to do $200 a month for our family of 3. Then when we upped it we went $400. We'll we decided to compromise and go $250. But last month I ended up using $50 of my gas and scrounging around from all the other budgets to cover it. And here we are 10 days into the month and I've spent almost $200 already. I know I can do better I just need to. I have dry beans soaking on the counter right now. I needed canned beans for soup this week, but realized that I could get dry beans for 1/3 the price so dry beans it is. It's just hard for me sometimes. I want to do all these great money saving things, but I"m also working full time, and have to cook most things from scratch so dh can eat them. But I guess for a while we'll be using even less convenience food than we already were.
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