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Re: Birthday Party WWYD

Originally Posted by TalkinBoutMyGirl View Post
They are family so I'd just admit its not a formal party but that L wanted to go play and eat pizza. They are welcome to join if they want but you won't be paying for everyone since its just a casual thing. They should understand.
thats what my sister just did for her step daughter. partly because of the money, partly because it was her moms weekend, and they got a very limited timeframe, and mom isnt good about being on time... they didnt want to plan a party, and have her not be there, lol.

we went to chuck-e-cheese, and my son was the only other kid there, so she used one of the family meal coupons for pizza, drinks, and 50 tokens for like $30, shared tokens with ds, and everyone else was on there own.

her mother-in-law kept complaining, but everyone else had fun, lol
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