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Re: Dave Ramsey Support Thread ~ Feb 4 - Feb 10

working on saving up the EF. DH was supposed to do that when he had the finances, but he didn't smh. so, i'm doing it now. don't think we will even come CLOSE to having enough saved up for our taxes in April, but I'm gonna try to get as much as possible. I may have to either work out payment plan w/IRS or put it on a CC. depends on where I get the best interest rate. Seems like last time I had to do this, the CC had the better interest rate. Most of our CCs have really low rates. Even though we owe a LOT of $$, we pay on time, so our interest rates are always really low.

been selling things like a crazy woman LOLOL. It's not much....$30 here...$40 there...but it all helps. $50 of what I made this week will go to DH this week for his spending $$. On our new budget he gets $50/week for his gas and spending. I told him if he couldn't make it on that, then to drink his can of Suck It Up

so while it looks bleak, we are on the way!
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