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Originally Posted by SamanthaSews
Personally I don't think lip or tongue tie is something to worry about unless you are having difficulties nursing. And honestly I think it is pretty normal, I had "lip tie" and it wasn't an issue with nursing or speech development. It became an issue when I had braces & after the gap between my teeth was closed I had a frenectomy done by an oral surgeon. I was 14/15 at the time.

I looked it up, bc I don't understand what the big deal is. Everyone has those muscles- for some people they are extended & cause issues but for most it does not. This article explains it well.

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I'm not super concerned about my 1 year old's and my 2 year old busted hers by falling, but I do get concerned about the gap because I never required braces. I'd hate for my kids to have straight teeth but have to get braces for the gap that I could have prevented. That's what keeps the war raging inside me on if I should bother getting my youngest's clipped.

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