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Originally Posted by Alibabe245 View Post
Hi ladies,

I'm new to this group and diaperswappers in general. I'll be 19 weeks tomorrow and we have our "big" u/s on valentines day! I'm really excited even though we decided not to find out the gender. This is our second baby and I've been feeling the kicks for a couple weeks now. They say that you can feel the second sooner than the first but looking back at my journal from my last pregnancy, I felt this one at the same time as the last.
I also find out this week if my symptoms of EXTREME itching and tiredness and other things is a result of Cholestasis of pregnancy or some type of pregnancy allergy. If its the former, then I'm considered "high risk" and they plan to get the baby out "as soon as possible." As early as 3weeks ahead of schedule or even sooner. That requires steroid shots for the baby to help lungs develope fast and induction and drugs and all that stuff that I'm not comfortable with. I had my first one naturally and I really wanted to do that again.
I should be getting the doctor's call any day now.
Welcome Allison! Wow, pregnancy allergy sounds miserable. Hope its something different & easily treatable.

AFM: 17 wks today. Started feeling movement @ 16w4d so that has been a much welcomed experience. HR has been steady @ 145. Braxton hicks started a few days ago too. :P Now that has been a super weird experience as I've never had them before late in my 2nd trimester. Very strange to only feel contractions down low when I've only ever felt them all over for the most part. Hoping to get a good look at gender this week. My official scan isn't for 2 more wks, but my bff is a l&d nurse & we play on the u/s machine when they are slow. FX baby cooperates this time. Legs were crossed last time.
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