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Re: Do you limit food intake?

Originally Posted by lizgrace07 View Post
Allergies are tough! I'd say do plenty of cheese, yogurt, and meat then. Maybe something at breakfast like oatmeal or sausage/bacon and potatoes? Cheese cut up or cheese sticks as snacks. Yougurt could be good for snacks or breakfast. Would he eat some meat that you cook and shred up ahead of time? Like ham or chicken or turkey? My kids like to eat shredded up meat cold right out of the fridge as a snack with some fruit or cheese or bread.

Hmmmm.... this makes me want to go get some cheese out to eat.
Yeah, allergies are TOUGH!! You might need to think more outside the box in terms of what foods get eaten at which meal. Also, my children LOVE sunbutter (we also have peanut/tree nut allergies). Yogurt, cheese sticks and cooked meats are easy grab items for busy mornings. Even something like tuna fish or chicken salad can work. Also, maybe some sort of protein shake (check for appropriate peds usage and sugar content) with some pureed avocado mixed in for some healthy fats... It is tough... I know!

I have a tween and 7 yr old boy as well as a girl and another boy on the way. The grocery budget is AWFUL!! My oldest out eats me and often his dad and his siblings aren't far behind. I usually cook for 6-8 in hopes of some leftovers and it rarely happens anymore!

At any rate, he obviously isn't overeating and is burning up what he consumes. So, I wouldn't worry. I was just trying to help stretch your grocery money with some tricks that have worked for us!
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