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DD has had yeast only once. I'm not 100% sure why, but at the time I was battling stinky diapers and she had a slight rash for a week or so, then it turned into yeast. She wasn't on antibiotics or sick, so I guess it was from that time period of battling funk.

As soon as the pedi told me it was yeast I bought a pack of sposies and bleached all my diapers. I like sposies during yeast because I don't want to get the prescribed cream on cloth, and also so I don't have to keep treating cloth with every wash. When the rash has been clear for a week I use cloth again, then use bleach or GSE in the wash for a few days to make sure it doesn't reaccur.

There were 2 other times where she started getting red again and I though she had yeast so I bought sposies lol, but it was just irritation.
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