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Re: Why are yeast infections so common?

Originally Posted by Rdesonia View Post
I just thought I'd throw this thought out there. Yeast is in the air. (You can actually catch yeast and make a sourdough starter.) Some people/babies are more susceptible to yeast infections. A male can have a "yeast infection" and have very little effects. Good handwashing is essential as I consider everyone to be infected with yeast. Most people have a good amount of bacteria (the good kind) and ph that the yeast doesn't cause them any ill effects. A baby however may have an overgrowth and that is what a yeast infection is(too much yeast grows and is not kept in check by our bodies natural flora.)
Poor diet, antibiotics, week immune, continued exposure, all factor in.
DD has not had a yeast infection. DS got one at Daycare when he was a baby in sposies. (He got a rash and thrush... There were other kids there with thrush too.)
*Freaks out and holds breath*
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