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Re: New kitchen from scratch? Give me a list!

It really is going to depend on how your family eats, what you cook from scratch, etc. If you are someone that buys a lot of premade items your needs list would look drastically different than someone that makes everything from scratch. Even the type of diet will change your list too.

The bare minimum basics for me would be:
set of dishes, silverware, glasses, mason jars for storage
2 mixing bowls, pyrex 913 & 88 pans
pie pan, cookie sheet, bread pan
stainless steel spatula and small set of bamboo mixing spoons
bamboo cutting board, colander, sieve
Knives:chefs knife, filet knife, paring knife, bread knife
Measuring spoons, dry measure cups, 1c. pyrex liquid measuring cup
Large and small stockpots, large skillet, small shallow saucepan
Kettle, french press

Extras: crockpot, vitamix, kitchenaid mixer, mandolin slicer, salad spinner, stovetop popcorn maker, dehydrator.

We cook lots of things from scratch, grow our own veggies and have our own chickens, ducks and goats. We are very minimalist about this I think but we do have some extras that really save us time. For example I use the mixer all the time for making homemade sourdough bread. I could survive fine without it but am more likely to make bread for our large family since I do have it. The crockpot almost always has either meat stock brewing, yogurt fermenting or is cooking us a nice dinner on the nights we come home late. The dehydration saves me from having to can tons of things in the summer. If we left the farm and went back to buying bread and dairy products from the store I might not need it all.
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