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Re: Why are yeast infections so common?

Originally Posted by RockinLou View Post
I didn't say cloth diapering is a lot of work, I said if yeast gets in them disinfecting them is a lot of work. When I tried GSE and TTO over bleach with my first child, it never worked. Bleach and UV rays have helped us, but I find the process tedious because I rinse everything so many times.

Everyone's experiences and medical decisions for their families are going to vary. I am a single working mother to two small children, I have a hard time keeping up and really dislike disinfecting when we get yeast and don't want my children to suffer from a reoccurrence., I'm not sure why but I am feeling judged by your comment, like it is wrong for me to give my child medication and not want to deal with yeast infected diapers? When my son gets his prescription the doctor prescribes alongside it nystatin and probiotics because it is known to cause yeast. he is allergic to many medications, and if I'm juggling work and sick kids it is easier for me to do disposables for a few days, what's so wrong with that? Not all antibiotics cause yeast (reframprocin for TB never gave my daughter a problem in 9 months on it, during which time she was in cloth, even during her surgery she was in cloth! ) but others antibiotics do. I've only been blessed with my children for four years, but I still feel that is enough experience to weigh in on this question. I can only hope that the health of our family will be as fortunate as yours has in the future, having nearly lost my daughter 2 years ago, I am feeling blessed that DSs biggest challenge has been 2 ear infections in 2 years! DD will suffer the rest of her life from immune system problems, but you'd never know it if you met her!
I was not judging at all. I read your comment as that cloth diapers needed to be sanitized *in general* to prevent yeast, and that it was hard work. I was just sharing that I am too lazy to sanitize diapers & we have had no ill effects LOL. My comment regarding antibiotics was in regard to *other posters comments* that yeast was due to antibiotics. I was in way judging you. I am pretty anti-antibiotics, but have absolutely used them in moderation, when I felt they were warranted.
I have even used disposables. In large quantities. I assure you, I was in no way judging you.
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