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Re: Disclosures in home buying/selling

Originally Posted by Pikemommy View Post
How long have the people lived there? It may not be dishonesty on their part but more of a do we say there's a crack if we have never had it checked and don't know if it's structural or cosmetic. OR they could have had it inspected when they moved in and it was proven to be cosmetic and not structural.
We were honest with our disclosure FWIW, we had nothing to hide.
See that's what I was wondering.....

Originally Posted by HeatherlovesCDs View Post
We have never had any issues to disclose. If we knew of something, we definitely would. But, I wouldn't disclose a crack in the slab if I didn't know it was an issue. If I was assuming it was cosmetic, I wouldn't even think anything needed to be disclosed.

I'm sure you are going to have a home inspection, right? You can mention it to make sure he checks it out even though I'm sure he will.

That said, I do find the change odd and might question it. On the other hand, I sometimes mark the wrong box on forms I fill out for the dr. (or whatever) simply because I'm going too quickly. It could have been a simple error, but I might ask my Realtor to find out for me.

(We have sold 2, bought 4 and are closing on our 5th on Friday.)
I probably wouldn't have even thought of it if they hadn't crossed out their answer on the they had a question or concern and changed their mind...and yes, we are hving the inspections. Around here foundation problems are EVERYWHERE....our realtor said he would be surprised to see a house without a problem.

Originally Posted by Kimmyann View Post
Make sure you or your husband are present for the home inspection and be sure to point everything you are concerned about out to the inspector.
I need to make sure but one of us will be there...if not both.
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