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Re: Why are yeast infections so common?

Originally Posted by Pixi6s View Post
DS has gotten it twice. Once was in his 2end month and once just recently at 3 years old only wearing nighttime diapers.

This first time around I always blamed it on leaving him in a KL0, cotton fitted, all night. This time I learned that it started with a normal diaper rash, I tried something new and it chaffed him. The yeast then was able to grow in the broken skin.

to prevent. reduce normal diaper rash and keep a good bacterial balance in the system. (using greek yogurt or probiotic, etc)

This ^^^^^
LO has never been on antibiotics and when yeast started she was ebf. I just recently figured this out. I have been bleaching diapers for months b/c it kept coming back. It all started when I switched to a "green" detergent because I read Tide was bad for CD. Well that was a mistake. The dipes were not getting clean and causing irritation which made a place for yeast to grow. We are back on Tide. Her ped said it was more common in chubby babies.
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