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Re: Having tubes tied

Originally Posted by marliah View Post
Please, please research post tubal ligation syndrome and know the risks. Breaking our bodies can lead to serious problems.
YES, this. I cannot tell you how much I regret my tubal. I wish I had never done it and I wish I could afford to have it reversed. I now have horribly heavy, unbearable periods. I have breakthrough bleeding in between cycles and horrible pain during ovulation. I now get night sweats quite frequently. It also affected my lactation and I had a heck of a time breastfeeding my daughter. Definitely research and decide if you are willing to live with the possible side-affects. I just went with it without any research... I think I would have reconsidered, had I known.

Originally Posted by AmyfromKY View Post
I have not had my tubes tied, but I know someone who is pregnant with #4 after getting her tubes tied after having her twins. Just wanted to throw that out there. If I was sure I was finished, I'd have my tubes tied and DH would have a vasectomy.
I got pregnant after my tubal, about a year after, and lost my baby at 7 weeks I have a friend who got pregnant after her tubal, lost her baby, and then got pregnant with twins. Multiples pregnancies are more prevalent after a tubal .

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