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Take remaining 7 BGs for $45ppd!!!

Take Remaining BGs (7) without inserts for $45ppd!I have a bunch of diapers to sell. Please read all descriptions carefully. I have tried to describe everything as accurately as possible. All prices are listed including shipping. I will only ship to U.S. at this time. I will consider Canada for an additional cost but prices have gone up so PM to check prices. I am willing to make deals if you want to buy multiples. Just PM me!

I would also like to sell in at least lots of 2 diapers to cut down on post office visits and shipping costs. Thanks!

Up next, 1 Tots Bot in EUC. This is a really cute flower Tots Bot. No stains, holes or anything wrong with it. Velcro is still sticky and elastic is still stretchy. Asking $19ppd $15 ppd

I have 19 7 Bumgenius 4.0 available. Take remaining BGs without inserts for $45ppd. If you would like the inserts, $55ppd. Please read the descriptions and prices below each photo as the condition and prices vary. All the BG 4.0s were washed in Bumgenius detergent and hard water (please see descriptions for those that show hard water wear). The insides are still soft and each diaper includes 1 regular insert and 1 newborn insert. The snaps on all the diapers are still snappy and the elastic on all the diapers are still stretchy.
Blue & Pink BG

These 3 B.Gs are in VGUC. There are no stains. There is a little dinginess right on the tabs at the front from being washed in hard water. Asking $12ppd for each

Pink BGs

These diapers are in GUC. They do have some dinginess look to them as they were washed in hard water, especially on the tabs. Asking $10ppd for each of these. 1 SOLD

Yellow BGs

These two diapers are in GUC. The biggest thing wrong with them is they show a lot of dinginess. They are still very functional just not as bright as they used to be. Asking $9ppd each

If you have any questions...please feel free to PM me!

All Sold below this line ____________________________________________
Lavender BGs

These 3 Lavender diapers are very functional...they just don't look all that pretty anymore. There was quite a bit of iron in the hard water when their previous owner washed them and it just really made them dingy. Asking $6ppd each.

Bubble BGs (I think)

These 2 BGs took a beating from the hard water & iron. I believe they were white to begin with but now look greyish. They are still functional...just not very pretty. They do have some staining on the PUL. The inside looks great though! Asking $6ppd each. 1 SOLD

Up next, 2 brand new econobum covers. These were bought as seconds from cotton baby. I just ended up with a lot of covers. No stains or issues...don't know why they are seconds. Asking $5ppd each or $8ppd for both. BOTH PENDING

Up next, 3 Brand New Govia AIO. They have never been used or washed, just taken out of the package. These have the inserts inside of them. All a light pink. Asking $18ppd each or all 3 for $50ppd. $16ppd each or all 3 for $45

Next up I have 4 Flip Covers. All 4 are used. The dark blue and dark pink are in EUC condition. The light pink is dingy as it was washed in hard water. Otherwise it has no stains or issues. The light blue has one small hard to see stain near the leg hole on the inside. It may sun out, I haven't tried. Elastic on all 4 are great! $7ppd each for the dark pink or dark blue. $6 each for the light pink or light blue. $25 for all 4. Dark blue SOLD

Next I have 2 brand new Kawaii One Size Diapers. These are unused just taken out of their package. The have a fleece on the inside and include 2 microfleece inserts each. I have a light pink one and a hot pink one. $8 ppd each or $15ppd for both.

Lovelace BGs

These 2 diapers are in GUC. The biggest issue with them is they look dingy from hard water. The white on them is not as white anymore and the tabs have a dingy look from them. Asking $9ppd each 1 SOLD 1 PENDING

In addition to all these wonderful diapers, I have a Planet Wise Hanging Wet Bag in EUC! No stains or flaws,just a little wrinkled. Asking $18ppd

Light Blue & Light Green

These four diapers are in GUC. The have no stains. They do show some hard water wear on the tabs but nothing that affects the functionality of the diapers. Asking $12ppd each. ALL PENDING

Up next are 3 brand new NB Alva pockets. These are brand new, just taken out of the package. Each diaper includes 1 insert. $6ppd each or $15ppd for all 3.

I also have a variety of unused cloth wipes. They were made as a gift but are a little boyish for our little girl. Never been used, just washed. If buying another item $1ppd for each set. Otherwise, $3ppd per set (shipping is expensive).

Monster Cloth Wipes (6 of them) PENDING

Pirate Cloth Wipes (9 of them) PENDING

Surf Cloth Wipes (8 of them) PENDING

Next Up, 4 Fuzzibunz Elite One Size Diapers. These are in EUC condition. No stains. Elastic and snaps are all in working order. Each diaper includes a regular insert, newborn insert and extra elastic. $15ppd each or all 4 for $55ppd. ALL PENDING

This shows the inside of the diapers. They all look like this. I am happy to provide pictures of the other 3 insides if asked, they just take up a lot of room.

First up are 2 brand new fuzzibunz size small. These are still in the package, never used and never washed. One is pink and the other is yellow. Asking $12ppd each.

Blueberry Mini Coveralls SOLD

Two Blueberry Mini Coveralls. They were purchased used off here but never used by me. They are in great condition. The only area showing wear is the front near the aplix (slight pilling on the fabric and curling of applix). No stains or anything. The applix is still very strong. They also have double gussets!!! They are both green. $5ppd each or both for $9ppd.

Kawaii One Size Diapers

Two Flower and Yellow & Pink Print SOLD
Kawaii One Size Pocket Diapers. They are brand new, just taken out of the package. They have never been washed or used. I have a huge stash of these and decided I don't need all these pockets. These are lined with fleece and include 2 microfiber inserts. $8ppd each

Two Kawaii Minky One Size Diapers. Brand new, never washed or used. They are lined with bamboo and include 2 bamboo inserts. They are both pink. $8ppd each

One Dot and One Geometric Shape SOLD
Four Kawaii Minky One Size Diapers. Brand new, never washed or used. They are lined with fleece and include 2 microfiber inserts. $8ppd each.

Take all 12 Kawaii Diapers for $90ppd.

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