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Re: "I'm too tired"

Originally Posted by Ms.Kaun View Post
One of mine went through this phase. When he was too tired was brought up I immediately took away what he wanted and said "oh, ok none of this then since your too tired." and I'd tell him to go take a nap. Sometimes there would be a tantrum but I'd act oblivious to it. Eventually... 15 mins later or so he'd come sauntering out of his room saying he was better but wouldn't be allowed to do anything else before the first task was finished.

Now with the food thing I'd tell him he can eat or nap. If he was too tired to clean better nap, eat then clean and you have no other choices. I just stayed calm and acted very serious like oh you must really be tired, lets sleep! That always bugged him. lol I just wouldn't let him get away with anything. He eventually got tired of it and wasn't getting any help or attention for it so he stopped. Honestly, to me it sounds like your doing what I did. It does go away... I promise!
This is what I do. It does work for my 4y/o DS.

But my 6 y/o is not upset by being sent to her room anymore. She has added an extra sass and a loud, screeching whine with the phrase, complete with a foot stomp or two.

So now I just immediately punish her for it. I can handle a little whining and protesting, but when she whips out that attitude, I don't put up with it.
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