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Re: Cleaning diapers

I prefer to spray poo dipes when they happen because my toddler has nasty poos & the longer they sit, the longer it takes me to get them sprayed clean. Some people prefer to wait & do all the poos at one time (especially if they have someone not too cd savvy watching LO during the day). I let ours hang on the side of the toilet to drip (only if kiddy safe though). I keep a poo wetbag in the bathroom & the poo dipes go in that bag & then I have an additional smaller bag for the PUL covers. We trifold so we lose every cover to poo. I do a pre-soak with my diapers before every load & I don't soak PUL in my Bac Out soak. This is why I have a separate wetbag for just covers. It's not necessary. It's more of a convenience thing. I don't spray pee dipes. They drop right into the big basket in the nursery. Some people spray night dipes because of the heavy pee saturation & ammonia that begins to develop, but I never did. We live in a very hot environment, but I keep the house cool. I only do laundry once a week now that I'm pregnant, working full time, & exhausted, but I've always had a pretty good laundry system so I've never had issues.

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