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Re: Do you limit food intake?

I never limited food. But, honestly, if you think he's getting too heavy, it would be better to limit a little bit. Don't micromanage, just be more selective with what you have. If he's still hungry, and all he seems to want is butter bread and macaroni, make sure you don't have much left over. "We are out of macaroni, but we still have green beans and fruit".

I didn't read any responses, so if it's been said already, ignore me.

What he's eating, sounds normal to me. Most kids will eat a lot at one meal, and not as much at the other meals. Lunch at school is hard to finish because of time. So, when he gets home he's starving. I remember being so hungry when I got home. We'd eat a PBJ, and then go outside to play.

He should be able to eat until he's full, unless he's sitting in front of the tv, computer or Ipod.

Remember, kids are sitting down in school a lot. They still get to move some, but they are sitting a lot more than we did. They get a ride from home to school and back. There isn't as much playtime as there was 25 years ago, so the food we make/buy/prepare needs to reflect that.
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