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4 year old not eating well after having a 24 hour stomach bug

Not sure what to do. My DS had a quick virus and now is refusing most food. Things he normally loves to eat he wants nothing to do with. He says all he wants to eat is cereal or waffles.

He's only had 2 other stomach issues where he vomitted for a day and recently he had strep throat which caused him to vomit once while in the ER. I'm not sure if maybe he's nervous to eat because he's afraid he's going to vomit or if his tummy still doesn't feel right.

He will randomly whine and complain that his tummy hurts but then he'll go back to playing no problem. He complained tonight that his tummy hurt when he was running.

I honestly don't know what to do. Does anyone else's kids have a hard time going back to normal eating after a stomach virus? I'm ready to call the doctor and take him in but he's such a nervous nelly that if I even talk about his tummy he automatically "plays it up" and thinks he's still sick.

What do I do? I really don't like feeling helpless when it comes to my kids.
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