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My little girl was born on Feb 4 so we're in newborn diapers right now. My current stash consists of newborn diapers from the following makers...
Fitteds: Orange Diaper Co xs loops, Goodmama, Little Boppers, Forty41, Bumstoppers, Pianissimo Cloth
Ai2: Doodle Dypes, LoveEarth.LoveCloth, Little Boppers, and some that I made myself

My little girl was born at 9lbs 11oz so she fit well into everything right from birth. She still has her umbilical stump right now. If I could have only 1 brand of fitteds for my entire newbie stash I would probably choose the Forty41 hybrids, but they would be quite large on a small baby...they are very absorbent. If I could have only 1 brand for Ai2's it would be Little Boppers, hands down. Her size small, which she calls big newborn, are such a great fit and are very absorbent!

As far as covers go, I have a pair of xs wool interlock footies from Rainbow Waters, xs sbish knit longies, and custom newborn fleece footies by Emotibums. The Emotibums are by far my favorite! The fit is great and she uses windpro in the soaker area so we have had no leaking issues! I haven't lanolized the wool so it will get damp on the outside. For the price and performance, I really wish I had invested in more Emotibums footies.
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