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Re: Vegan and Vegetarian mamas enter here...

Originally Posted by judyjudyjudy View Post
Hi. We eat a plant strong diet based on Dr. Joel Fuhrman's research and direction - called Nutritarian. We also follow Dr. McDougall as well as the Engine 2 Diet. They all basically tell the same story - that when you eat most of your nutrients from plants - lots of greens that you can prevent illness. Lots of information in the film Forks Over Knives that shows the research behind all this.

I started posted some of my original recipes as well as some favorites that our family likes on our blog:

Anyone else stick to a similar diet?
I follow Dr. McDougall at home and try to find McDougall choices when eating out but sometimes it's hard to find something that is not cooked in oil. I only eat out about once a month though so 95% of the time I eat McDougall, but always 100% vegan.
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