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Re: Tips on Potty Training a boy?

We started with my oldest at 27 months and he was compliant and tried his best but realistically we were just potty training ourselves b/c we had to ask him to go constantly. We waited with our second son and played it up really big. We explained that when he was 3 we were getting undies and he'd be using the potty. Occasionally before he was 3 he'd tell us he needed to go, mostly b/c he saw big brother doing it. We're a couple of weeks in and he's doing pretty well considering we've just left it up to him. I put him in pull-ups when we are out running errands and at night but when he's home he's in undies. Fortunately he's never had a poop accident but he has had about 10 pee accidents. He's had a lot more successes though and I think he's really close to figuring it all out. When he has an accident we talk about how it feels yucky to go pee in your undies and that we need to go potty in the toilet. With my kids, they both know if they were in pull-ups that it would "catch" the pee and they wouldn't even try to go potty. We made a big deal about going to the store and letting him pick out his own underwear. We explained when the "big day" was several times. He really understood what was coming and what to expect. I'd lead up to it for a couple of weeks and then just jump right in. We did a lot of rewards with my older son but my younger son doesn't respond to stickers or stamps in the same way.
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