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Re: Please help with my 5-yr-old before I lose my mind

I have a kiddo close to the same age and we've started requiring him (and his sibling) to say yes ma'm and yes sir after each request as a sign of respect and to acknowledge that he's listened to what we've said. I had a friend that did this and I always thought it was a bit to formal for us but it turns out it's really effective. We started having a lot of problems with back talking and just plain ignoring what we said. I wish we had started it earlier. If he tries to back talk or disobey I'll stay "stop, I just asked you to do x,y, need to say yes ma'm and do what I've asked." So far it's worked every.single.time. Seriously! I feel way less frustrated and he's not getting in as much trouble. We did sit down as a family and explain that mom and dad were going to expect them to start saying it since we were having so many problems with them arguing about every little thing. We've been pretty strict about requiring it each time, even instead of "okay" or "yes" for the time being.
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