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Re: Oral Motor specialist and cutting frenulum

I haven't personally had my babies tongues clipped, but I have a friend who is a ped who does it all the time. It is a simple procedure thatoften doesn't even involve much blood, and baby can nurse right away -- moms can often tell a difference right then.

As far as the appointment goes, I would ask about different exercises you can do for suck-training. Have you looked up resources about weaning off the shields? Many moms find success getting skin-to-skin in the bathtub and letting baby try to latch. Biological or laid-back breastfeeding, where the baby self-latches while you are reclined, is also something women find helpful. Anecdotally, I know it's a far off age, but many women report success by 11 weeks, something about approaching that age and the baby can be ready to let go of the shield. There shouldn't be a rush to get off the shield, so don't feel pressure if it takes a while. There is no point where, if you aren't off the shield by x amount of time, it'stoo late or it's never going to happen, so try to relax and take your time with it.

Catherine Watson Genna is an expert in tongue-tie, try looking her up -- I don't have enough posts yet to link.
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