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Originally Posted by birdinhand
That is rough! Sorry, Mama! Babies are programmed to want to suck, though, so really, she would be using a pacifier as her mama. But that doesn't help when you are tired and sore and just want to be able to put your baby down!

Is she having enough wet and poopy diapers? She should be having 6-8 wet diapers (disposables --wait, what board am I on, lol?), or 10-12 cloth. There should also be 3-4 poops in a 24-hour period. If she is having plenty of output, then we know it is going is, and that's not the issue.

So, high-appetite days do occur with babies, days when they are hungrier than others. That could also be what is happening -- growth spurt.

It takes 90 minutes for breastmilk to digest, so it is possible for a baby to want to eat more frequently that that 2-3 hour period we are so used to hearing about.

Reflux is another reason a baby may want to eat and eat and eat -- could that be a possibilty?

It's so hard to get used to a new and different baby when they can be so different than our other kids! You have the experience and the skills, but this baby is a new person with a whole new personality. A lot of moms say at about 6 weeks things get better, and by 3 months, most issues have resolved. Hopefully this is something that will go away quickly. Hang in there!
Thanks for the reply. Yes output is good. Many soaked and poopy diapers each day. So I am not worried about supply.

Reflux is possible. DD1 had it but she spit up a ton. This one pretty much never spits up but I am wondering about silent reflux. She ought and sneezes fairly often after eating. She also makes little bubble noises as if something is coming up and she is swallowing it back down. Her 1 month well check is Friday and I'll discuss with her pedi. DD1 was on Zantac. Maybe this one needs it too.

Anyway thanks again. I know 3 weeks is amore rough time. 2-3 months and I will be loving BF just like with my first I am sure.
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