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Re: Self weaning

I feel you! Anyone who says we nurse for our own pleasure is just full of it -- I hated nursing many times .

I tandemed for almost 2 years. I was certain my baby would wean before my older child as my older child was a nurse-a-holic, lol. During that time I asked a lot of people about how their children self-weaned. So many of them said, "I don't know, one day he just stopped asking." I didn't think that would ever happen. With my first, I was right.

He started talking about weaning on his 4th birthday, about 4 months before he turned 4. Everyday he would say, "On my four birthday, I am going to stop nursing, and go poops on the potty!" I would say yay, cool, yes you can, but in my heart I didn't think he would ever be able to do it. He actually did. He woke up on his 4th birthday and asked to nurse. I reminded him it was his birthday, and he said, oh yeah. That was it. We did experience weaning-grief for a while, and I knew I could have thwarted his efforts easily, but we stayed strong and he did it. I went on to nurse my baby, lol (he was 22 months old) for an additional 19 months. He actually did wean like so many of my friends had described, he would skip a day, skip a few days, etc., until he never asked again. That is also how my 3rd child stopped, too. But my first had to set a goal and then follow-through.

One thing we did was tandemed at the same time, so my older child would nurse while the baby nursed, even lying down, and I never had an issue with that -- it felt like a time-saver. I know that doesn't always work though, as it can be unsettling to have two different kinds of sucks going on -- my kids felt the same.

So the general stuff, make sure he has a drink/food before he nurses, don't offer to nurse him but don't refuse if he asks, try to distract, have certain times when it is okay to nurse and even a specific place, like only in this chair, etc.

Also know that it is okay to press a bit if you are really geting close to being done with nursing. One of my core beliefs about nursing is, it has to be working for both of you, and if it's not, something needs to change or something needs to stop.

Good luck .

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