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Three of my four kiddos are longer than they are chubby. DD3 was a preemie at 32 weeks, has always been long and thin (though you can't see her ribs) but even now at 19 months and in the 70% people still remark how tiny she is, she eats nonstop. DS is 7 weeks, at his last weight check (5weeks) he had gained barely a pound since birth but grew 1 1/2inches, you can see his ribs. DH is the shrimp in his family at 6 foot, he had 3 brothers 6'4" and taller, he says you could count all their ribs until they were in their 20s, and they ate everything in sight! I have multiple cousins, uncles and a grandfather that were all 6'3" and taller (with huge feet that all my kids have inherited, DD2 is 9 and wears an 8 1/2 in womens). Our pediatrician says the long and lean count your ribs skinny gene is very dominant
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