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seriously, only a cloth diapering stay at home mama's dilema ;) (stash??)

ok... well this is a question refering to my stash... i have, or have on the way.. what should be pretty much the last of what i will need untill the next size..except random accesories i might need (like i want to try boingos!)

sorry i am tired so this is probably guna jump around lol

24 GMD brown edge organic cotton prefolds
24 GMD large UB flats
24 ME large organic cotton sandys
24 GMD large organic cotton doublers
12 ME large organic cotton sandys doublers
4 dozen ME organic cotton terry wipes

wet bags of course, snappis, and some pins...
i also have about a dozen woolies... i want to sell a few on FSOT along with other things, and get some new (to me!) wool, i seriously i cant imagine ever having enough wool and i wish i had tons more!

ok so one thing....will this be enough diapers to wash every 2-3 days and ALWAYS hang dry???
also i keep throwing around the idea of buying a few bummis SWW just incase im being lazy on lanolizing my wool..i know that sounds ridiculous for how much i have... sometimes if DS wears PUL all day he gets a little red though... so im not sure if i should bother buying a few of these or just buy another wool cover

sorry i guess i didnt really need to tell u about my whole stash but i havent been able to tell anyone (anyone on DS who actually cares!! my fam. thinks im nuts!) who might appreciate it... i am proud of my self for finally getting my stash to a good spot, and im tired of destashing and restashing i think i have finally gotten a grip on reality and im convinced i dont need to try every kind of diaper..only every kind of wool lol
sorry rambling over
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