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Hubby says he will not cosleep for as long as I intend to. Once he really "puts his foot down" he will see just how miserable forcing her into her own bed before she is ready will be.

I imagine him giving in quickly because I will not be the only one waking every 1-3 hours to soothe her. We don't do cry it out.

Its a different story when shes a little older and will get her big girl bed probably right next to our bed.

Maybe get him to help and give ideas as to how to make it work? Once he is really a part of it he may realize how suddenly easy and great cosleeping is. No tears and lots of sleep for all. Or atleast more than you'd get waking up often to soothe baby.
This really is such a short time of him sleeping with you. Think of all the years you will have to have your grown up time alone in bed.

Maybe wait til he's just a bit older make a big deal of his big boy bed and hopefully he'll want to sleep in it. This is our plan definitely not saying its a sure thing but its worked for a few family members and friends so we will see.

He doesn't want to be alone in the dark. No warm body to snuggle against. Can you blame him?

**Sorry this post is way for co sleeping but anything else really involves cry it out. If that's the route you want to go ive heard after 3 days of consistency things improve drastically.

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