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Re: Food for thought: Food Labels i.e. trans fats

Originally Posted by mysticmomma1879 View Post
Partially hydrogenated = transfat. Not hydrogenated.

And if there is less than .5g of trans fat it can be labeled as 0g of trans fat. Seems like I have read somewhere that if you look at the fat section on the label and add it up, If it doesn't add up to the total fat number then you have trans fat. I believe that even though they can mark it has 0g they still have to reflect it in the total fat. but its by increments of .5g and I believe they are allowed to round. So .2 could be rounded down to 0 in the total fat. We don't buy anything with hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated oils so i can't actually look at a label to check it out.

Still got to read the ingredients to get the full picture.
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