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Re: Chat Thread ~ Feb 10th - 16th

Originally Posted by mommy2wyatt View Post
So we had the scariest night.
We live rural, our farm is 1,200 acres. But across the road is a huge lit up dairy farm, our farm is essentially dark at night, we have a couple lights outside but you can't really even see our farm from the road because our driveway is so long. I came from the city we always locked our doors. All day, all night the doors were kept locked. Moved out to the country DH never even takes his keys out of his car, the doors are never locked.
Last night at 2:30 in the morning a woman woke us up in our bedroom!!!!
She said she was lost and our doors were unlocked so she came in to look for help. Who does that!?! DH gave her directions and we sent her on her way, then she got stuck in our driveway(she backed up into our yard instead of staying on the driveway) DH went out to push her but she wasn't doing what he told her to, she just kept gunning it.
So she gets out of her car and heads back to our house where I'm standing in the doorway. She starts coming in saying the weather is bad and she's stuck.
At this point we are realizing she is quite drunk. I told her she needed to go wait in her car and that I would call the sheriff to help her. She got mad, stormed out to her car and apparently called me a few names to DH.
I guess she didn't want help from the sheriff/knew she was drunk because she managed to get unstuck before he got to our house. So we called them so they could look for her, sadly to say she probably ended up in a ditch driving drunk lost in that snow storm. We saw her tail lights going the wrong direction. There is nothing open 24h anywhere close to us.
So obviously we will now be locking the doors. But how creepy is that? Who walks into your house(theres no way she rang out doorbell, its super loud) and into your bedroom and wakes you up!?!
Luckily neither of our kids were home, I cannot imagine how traumatized they would be by a stranger walking into our house during the night. DH and I say up for an hour, we were both too shook up to even sleep. Just crazy.
Wow! That would have scared me to death! Crazy woman!! Hope they found her before she killed someone...

Originally Posted by canadianbakers View Post
31 weeks.
Only 9 weeks left. Single digits!
I am 33wks 3 days!! Still have lots to do though! Finally figured out how to get all 5 of mine in our van, so yesterday was spent @ church and Babies R Us trying out different car seats and my back is killing me!
And the ladies @ church are having a shower for me, which is really sweet. I haven't had a baby shower since my 1st.
married to the love of my life, and mama to 5
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