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Re: Favorite newborn fitteds?

Originally Posted by MrsLovewell View Post
My little girl was born on Feb 4 so we're in newborn diapers right now. My current stash consists of newborn diapers from the following makers...
Fitteds: Orange Diaper Co xs loops, Goodmama, Little Boppers, Forty41, Bumstoppers, Pianissimo Cloth
Ai2: Doodle Dypes, LoveEarth.LoveCloth, Little Boppers, and some that I made myself

My little girl was born at 9lbs 11oz so she fit well into everything right from birth. She still has her umbilical stump right now. If I could have only 1 brand of fitteds for my entire newbie stash I would probably choose the Forty41 hybrids, but they would be quite large on a small baby...they are very absorbent. If I could have only 1 brand for Ai2's it would be Little Boppers, hands down. Her size small, which she calls big newborn, are such a great fit and are very absorbent!
These Mama brands need to keep an open "sold out" item all the time there site so I can at least READ about the diapers you are talking about Forty41 doesn't have any diapers listed right now and Little Bopper doesn't have any AI2 listed .

What kind of AI2 is the little bopper? Do the inserts snap in? Are you actually able to reuse the cover on a little babe?

Mom to LO#1 born 1/7/2010; Cloth diapered since day 1; Part-time EC since 9 months; Daytime PL since 29 months & LO#2 born 12/1/2013; first diaper was a tiny Swaddlebees Newborn Fitted! Checkout my absorbency tests. Thoughts on Yeast , here, here, here and a newer one here.
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