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Re: Is this lip tie?

Originally Posted by Jana View Post
Oh ok. Ya, no issues nursing ds1 an no issues so far with ds3 and his seems to be even worse.
Eta: can issues nursing arise at any time due to this?
No, nursing will probably be fine We had my son's revised mainly to prevent future issues with teeth decay, placement, and palate formation.

I just wanted to say also, for those of you going to talk to GP about're unlikely to get anything other than "it's no big deal, just let them fall and break it". This was exactly what I heard from an ENT despite the fact that my son's was very thick and all of the way to his palate. She also said that his tongue looked short so I could just try and stretch it...despite the fact that there is NO evidence that tongues "stretch". They can learn to compensate for a restricted tongue, but it does NOT stretch on it's own. There is a growing awareness that getting LT and TTs taken care of in infancy can help proper facial and dental development, but it's not a common line of thought at this point. So do your own research first, then make a decision based on symptoms and risk assessment of the procedure vs. not having it done. just my 2 cents.
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